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A collection of downloadable historical documents you may find of interest, which we believe to be in the public domain, and freely available. If any of these items are subject to copyright, please let us know and we will remove them.

Thomas Paine- African Slavery in America (1775)

Thomas Paine- Common Sense (1776)

Thomas Paine- The American Crisis (1776)

Thomas Paine- The Rights of Man pt1. (1791)

Thomas Paine- The Rights of Man pt2. (1792)

Thomas Paine- Age of Reason (1793)

Thomas Paine- Agrarian Justice (1795)

Ibn Battouta’s Rihla (1355)

Antonio Pigafetta’s account of Magellan’s Circumnavigation voyage of 1519-1522

Roald Amundsen: The North West Passage (1907)

Roald Amundsen: The South Pole (Vols 1 & 2) (1912)

Roald Amundsen: My Life as an Explorer (1927)

The Catalpa Expedition by ZW Pease 1897

Masserano Declaration 1771

Amurath to Amurath by Gertrude Bell

The Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol.1

The Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol.2

The King of Pyrates by Daniel Defoe 1719

The Hawkins Voyages to Mughal India

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👑⚔️ This Day in History: Anne Boleyn's Execution (19th May) ⚔️👑HomeHomeOn this day in 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, was executed at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest, and treason. Anne's downfall marked a significant moment in English history and the Tudor dynasty.HomeHomeAnne Boleyn's rise to power began when she caught the eye of King Henry VIII in the early 1520s. Their relationship led to Henry's divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and the subsequent break with the Roman Catholic Church. However, Anne's failure to produce a male heir and her deteriorating relationship with the king led to her downfall.HomeHomeAnne was arrested and accused of conspiring to kill the king, committing adultery with several men, including her own brother, and practicing witchcraft. Despite protesting her innocence, Anne was found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading.HomeHomeHer execution was carried out swiftly, and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London. Anne's death paved the way for Henry VIII to marry his third wife, Jane Seymour, who eventually bore him the long-awaited male heir, Edward VI.HomeHomeAnne Boleyn's life and death continue to fascinate historians and storytellers, serving as a compelling chapter in the tumultuous history of the Tudor court.HomeHome#anneboleyn #tudorhistory #executions #ThisDayInHistory 👑⚔️ ... See MoreSee Less
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🌋🔥 This Day in History: Mount St. Helens Eruption (18th May) 🔥🌋HomeHomeOn this day in 1980, Mount St. Helens, a stratovolcano located in the state of Washington, erupted catastrophically, resulting in one of the most destructive volcanic events in U.S. history. The eruption, triggered by a magnitude 5.1 earthquake, devastated the surrounding landscape and claimed the lives of 57 people.HomeHomeThe eruption began with a massive lateral blast that sent a column of ash, gas, and debris racing down the northern slope of the volcano at speeds of up to 670 miles per hour. This lateral blast levelled trees, buildings, and infrastructure over an area of 230 square miles, leaving behind a barren landscape of ash and devastation.HomeHomeIn addition to the lateral blast, the eruption produced pyroclastic flows, lahars (mudflows), and ashfall, further adding to the destruction. The ash plume reached heights of over 15 miles and spread across the U.S., causing widespread disruption to air travel and impacting the environment and economy.HomeHomeThe eruption of Mount St. Helens served as a stark reminder of the power and unpredictability of volcanic activity, prompting increased monitoring and research efforts to better understand and mitigate the risks posed by active volcanoes.HomeHome#mountsthelens #volcanoeruption #naturaldisaster #ThisDayInHistory 🌋🔥 ... See MoreSee Less
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Excerpts: Vikings in America ... See MoreSee Less
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🚀🌕 This Day in History: Launch of Apollo 10 (17th May) 🌕🚀HomeHomeOn this day in 1969, NASA launched Apollo 10, the fourth crewed mission in the Apollo space program and a crucial step towards landing humans on the Moon. The mission, commanded by Thomas Stafford, with John Young as Command Module Pilot, and Eugene Cernan as Lunar Module Pilot, aimed to conduct a "dress rehearsal" for the Apollo 11 Moon landing.HomeHomeApollo 10 was the first crewed mission to fly to the Moon's orbit with a Lunar Module, which separated from the Command Module and descended to within 8.4 nautical miles of the lunar surface. While the Lunar Module didn't land, this close approach provided invaluable data and experience for the upcoming Apollo 11 mission.HomeHomeThe mission lasted for eight days, during which the crew conducted numerous experiments, took photographs, and tested various spacecraft systems. Apollo 10 paved the way for the historic Apollo 11 mission, which successfully landed humans on the Moon just two months later.HomeHomeThe success of Apollo 10 demonstrated NASA's technical prowess and brought humanity one step closer to fulfilling President John F. Kennedy's vision of landing a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s.HomeHome#Apollo10 #NASA #MoonMission #SpaceExploration 🚀🌕 ... See MoreSee Less
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📜⚖️ This Day in History: Magna Carta Signed (16th May) ⚖️📜HomeHomeOn this day in 1215, King John of England affixed his seal to the Magna Carta, a ground breaking document that established the principle of the rule of law and limited the powers of the monarchy. Signed at Runnymede, the Magna Carta laid the foundation for constitutional governance and became a symbol of individual liberties and justice.HomeHomeThe Magna Carta was born out of a conflict between King John and his barons, who were dissatisfied with his arbitrary rule and heavy taxation. In response to their grievances, King John was compelled to accept the terms outlined in the Magna Carta, which included protections against arbitrary imprisonment, fair trials, and due process of law.HomeHomeAlthough the Magna Carta was annulled by King John shortly after its signing, it was reissued and revised by subsequent monarchs, eventually becoming enshrined in English law. Its principles of habeas corpus and the rights of free men laid the groundwork for the development of parliamentary democracy and the protection of individual rights.HomeHomeThe legacy of the Magna Carta extends far beyond its historical context, inspiring movements for liberty and justice around the world. It remains a cornerstone of democratic governance and a testament to the enduring power of the rule of law.HomeHome#MagnaCarta #ruleoflaw #IndividualRights #ThisDayInHistory 📜⚖️ ... See MoreSee Less
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