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A collection of downloadable historical documents you may find of interest, which we believe to be in the public domain, and freely available. If any of these items are subject to copyright, please let us know and we will remove them.

Thomas Paine- African Slavery in America (1775)

Thomas Paine- Common Sense (1776)

Thomas Paine- The American Crisis (1776)

Thomas Paine- The Rights of Man pt1. (1791)

Thomas Paine- The Rights of Man pt2. (1792)

Thomas Paine- Age of Reason (1793)

Thomas Paine- Agrarian Justice (1795)

Ibn Battouta’s Rihla (1355)

Antonio Pigafetta’s account of Magellan’s Circumnavigation voyage of 1519-1522

Roald Amundsen: The North West Passage (1907)

Roald Amundsen: The South Pole (Vols 1 & 2) (1912)

Roald Amundsen: My Life as an Explorer (1927)

The Catalpa Expedition by ZW Pease 1897

Masserano Declaration 1771

Amurath to Amurath by Gertrude Bell

The Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol.1

The Letters of Gertrude Bell Vol.2

The King of Pyrates by Daniel Defoe 1719

The Hawkins Voyages to Mughal India

Tesla, Prodigal Genius by J. O’Neill

My Inventions (aka Strange Life of Nikola Tesla)

By Nikola Tesla

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📜⚔️ July 16: Remembering the Luther-Eck Debate ⚔️📜HomeHomeOn July 16th, we look back on the historic debate between Martin Luther and Johann Eck, a pivotal moment in the early Reformation that profoundly impacted the course of religious and intellectual history. 📚🌍HomeHome📖 Historical Context: In the summer of 1519, the Leipzig Debate brought together Martin Luther, a burgeoning reformer, and Johann Eck, a skilled theologian and defender of Catholic doctrine. Held at Pleissenburg Castle in Leipzig, this intellectual clash centred on critical issues such as the authority of the Pope, the nature of indulgences, and the role of church tradition versus scripture. 🏰🗣️HomeHome🔍 Key Issues:HomeHome📖Authority of the Pope: Luther challenged the supremacy of the Pope, advocating that ultimate authority rested with the scriptures rather than church hierarchy.Home📖Indulgences: Luther criticized the sale of indulgences, arguing that they undermined the true nature of repentance and forgiveness.Home📖Church Tradition: Eck defended the long-standing traditions of the Catholic Church, while Luther emphasized a return to the original teachings of the Bible.HomeHome🌟 Significance: The debate was a turning point for the Reformation, highlighting the growing divide between reformers and the Catholic Church. Luther’s arguments gained widespread attention, strengthening the reform movement and leading to further questioning of church practices and doctrines. It marked a significant moment in the shift towards religious pluralism and the development of Protestant theology. 📜🌿HomeHome💡 Legacy: Today, the Luther-Eck debate stands as a testament to the power of dialogue and intellectual engagement in shaping history. The discussions from Leipzig echo through the centuries, influencing modern religious thought and the ongoing quest for understanding and reform. 🌍🕊️Home 📖✨HomeTo learn more about the issues leading to the reformation, see our YouTube video: Jan Huss and the Perfect Medieval StormHomeyoutu.be/qavGsly6y98HomeHome#Reformation #LutherEckDebate #History #ReligiousReform #IntellectualHistory #Legacy ... See MoreSee Less
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🛡️⚔️ The Battle of Grunwald: A Tale of Valour and Unity ⚔️🛡️HomeHomeOn July 15th, we commemorate the Battle of Grunwald, a monumental clash in medieval history that shaped the destiny of Central Europe and exemplified the spirit of courage and alliance. 🌍🏰HomeHome🗡️ Historical Context: The Battle of Grunwald, fought on July 15, 1410, near the village of Grunwald (Tannenberg) in present-day Poland, marked a decisive victory for the allied forces of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the Teutonic Order. This triumph not only secured territorial gains but also asserted the strength of the Polish-Lithuanian union. ⚔️🛡️HomeHome🌿 Opposing Forces: Home⚔️Teutonic Order: A powerful military order of knights originating from the Holy Roman Empire, the Teutonic Order sought to expand its influence in the Baltic region through conquest and conversion.HomeHome⚔️Allied Forces: Led by King Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland and Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, the allied forces represented a coalition of diverse warriors, including Polish knights, Lithuanian cavalry, and Ruthenian troops. Their combined strength and strategic coordination proved crucial in overcoming the Teutonic forces.HomeHome🌿 Symbol of Unity: Beyond its military significance, the Battle of Grunwald symbolizes the unity and cooperation between diverse peoples and cultures in defence of their homeland. It forged a lasting bond between Poland and Lithuania, laying the groundwork for their shared history and cultural heritage. 🌟🤝HomeHome🎖️ Legacy: Today, the Battle of Grunwald stands as a testament to the resilience of nations and the enduring pursuit of freedom and independence. It continues to inspire generations with its tale of bravery and strategic prowess, reminding us of the importance of alliances and solidarity in times of adversity. 🌟⚖️HomeHomeJoin us in commemorating the Battle of Grunwald as we reflect on its historical significance. 🕊️🎇HomeHome#battleofgrunwald #history #VALOR #unity #europeanheritage #CulturalLegacy ... See MoreSee Less
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🎉🇫🇷 Celebrating Bastille Day: A Tribute to Liberty and Unity 🇫🇷🎉HomeHomeOn July 14th, we commemorate Bastille Day, one of France's most significant national holidays, marking the beginning of the French Revolution and celebrating the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. 🗼🔵⚪🔴HomeHome🏰 Historical Significance: Bastille Day honors the storming of the Bastille fortress in Paris on July 14, 1789, a pivotal moment in French history symbolizing the people's resistance against tyranny and the fight for democracy. This event sparked the French Revolution, which profoundly reshaped the course of modern history. 📜⚔️HomeHome🌍 Global Influence: Beyond France, Bastille Day serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for people worldwide striving for freedom and justice. It stands as a testament to the power of unity and collective action in pursuit of fundamental human rights. 🌟🕊️HomeHome🎆 Celebration: Today, Bastille Day is celebrated with parades, fireworks, cultural events, and communal gatherings across France and in French communities around the globe. It is a time to reflect on France's rich cultural heritage, its contributions to the arts, sciences, and philosophy, and its ongoing commitment to liberty and equality for all. 🎇🎨HomeHomeJoin us in honoring Bastille Day as we celebrate the enduring spirit of revolution, resilience, and solidarity. Let's cherish the values of freedom and fraternity that unite us as global citizens, and toast to the ideals that continue to inspire generations. Joyeux 14 juillet! 🇫🇷🎈HomeHome#bastilleday #liberty #equality #fraternity #frenchrevolution #culturalheritage ... See MoreSee Less
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🍺📜 July 13: Celebrating Alexander Nowell's Beer Innovation! 📜🍺HomeHomeOn this day in 1568, Alexander Nowell, the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, made history by perfecting a method to bottle beer, revolutionizing the way we enjoy this beloved beverage! 🍻🎉HomeHome🏰 Historical Innovation: Nowell's invention of bottling beer helped preserve its freshness and quality, allowing beer to be stored and transported over longer distances without spoiling. This innovation not only enhanced the drinking experience but also contributed to the growth of the brewing industry in England and beyond. 🌍🍺HomeHome🍻 Cultural Impact: Today, bottled beer is a cornerstone of social gatherings, celebrations, and everyday enjoyment around the world. Nowell's contribution to brewing technology laid the foundation for modern brewing practices, influencing how beer is produced, distributed, and appreciated globally. 🌟🍻HomeHomeLet's raise a glass to Alexander Nowell's ingenuity and toast to the enduring legacy of his beer-bottling innovation! 🥂✨ Join us in honouring this historical milestone and celebrating the joy of sharing a cold, refreshing beer with friends and family. Cheers to innovation and the simple pleasures that bring us together! 🍻🌟HomeHome#BeerHistory #innovation #alexandernowell #brewinglegacy #culturalheritage #cheers ... See MoreSee Less
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Excerpts: Gallipoli Hell ... See MoreSee Less
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